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"Engineering Science 21st Century" is a special program

in English for Master's and/or Doctoral Courses.

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What is the "Engineering Science 21st Century" ?...


The objectives and missions:

The Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University aims to acquire a strong international reputation through increased exchange of students and researchers, and in joint research projects.


For this objective, the Graduate School of Engineering Science has decided to offer a new interdisciplinary course of "Engineering Science 21st Century" in which all the lectures, as well as all the instructions and supervision in research-related activities and seminars, are given in English, so that the students are not required to learn Japanese to join this course. In this course, globally recognized and highly qualified graduates are expected to be educated under the guiding principles of the Graduate School of Engineering Science, which Strives to Integrate Science and Technology.


For any matters concerning admission, please contact to the Graduates Students Section below by e-mail. In this case, you would be advised to write titles of emails, Application form for Master's / Doctoral course, so that we cannot accidentally delete your e-mails.

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